Happy Christmas ?

A strange guest come into my head, I introduce to you Jack'o'Lantern !
Yeah, I may need some holidays....
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year !


Ancient Tablet - ZBrush

Zbrush Ancient Tablet about the legend of the Phoenix egg


Phoenix concept art

So, here is a new phoenix picture for a ZBrush sculpture and my maya animation :

And the link below is a version of the French synopsis of the project.

download synopsis


Last year at school !

At the head of a team of eleven students, I'm preparing a third short-film !
I will try to post some "Work in Progress" soon.

Meanwhile, I work on a 20"  animation with a phoenix and his egg. Here is my photoshop searches (done in three days)

The background and the "crystal egg"

Some drawings about a bearded vulture for transforming it later into a phoenix

Just a sketch for burning wings


This is my FX tests for my short-film "La Petite Affaire". The short-film will come in few months (as soon we finish to put subtitles !)

Test : Run with fluids spreading behind her

R&D : Cartoon fluid shader test

Shading test


Painting and Digital painting

I've done most of the digital painting (the two colored caverns, Dame pipi in the toilets and the Secret Agent aren't from me)
The Zbrush sculptur is a work in progress on the theme of  "Symbiosis"
The board with all the paintings were done with acrylic.