Bypass the namespaces while seaking a string


I am creating a class for string operations. I thought it will be useful for some people to have a utility in order to seek string throught namespaces.

DL Script

modify the last two lines :
- replace "test" by the string you want to find (you can type any : *myString*)
- print "Items" to see the list returned

search = StringUtility("test")
Items = search.searchString(0,0,1,10)

I hope it help !


The Macabre Waltz released

We were eleven students for our graduation short-film.

I was co-director on this film. I work on pipeline issues and FXs (nCloth, nParticule, fluids) and I supervised the layout 2D/3D, the compositing , shave, and I edited the short.

I've created all the cells intro and flashes.


Nature of Code

I've been following some people on vimeo and I have discovered this.
They are math and code tutorials. Really interresting to use this in maya :)

Enjoy !

The Nature of Code website :

Vimeo Shiffman Channel :


Indiegogo - Go Support !

VFX Learning is willing to release their courses for free.
They are looking for support.

VFX Learning Open Source Project Showreel from VFX Learning - Online School on Vimeo.