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My future contribution for 3D artists !

[py] --- Copy Animation --- Maya
Run the script, a UI will appear, you can select the source animation and the target. I will add later some way to copy constraints if the source have any.


[py] --- Offset Keyframes --- Maya
run the scipt and enter a value to offset all the keys of the selected objects.
(I've encountered some crashes when i wanted to offset 500 particules baked over 200 frames with the graph editor)


[py] --- Remap and Offset Alembic nodes -- Maya 
run the script to create two attributes to remap and offset time on all alembic node


[Other] --- I have begin a pearltree with some studios, maybe it would help somebody

Studio Bookmarks

[py] --- UV & Material ID pass --- maya 2012 ASAP / maya 2013
Just run the script, it will create the new UV pass with a material ID in the blue channel.


[py] --- UV / Material ID / PW Pass --- maya 2012 and before
Run the script and it will create render buffers for UV pass, Material ID pass, Point World Pass
This script is attended for maya 2012 before ASAP and previous version.


 [py] --- MR Motion Vector --- Maya

A simple script that take ride of the offset. More about Motion Vectors at INPYO3D Blog


MAYA SCRIPTS --- myScripts ---
I uploaded my shelves and a bunch of script to create render layers easily with Mental Ray.
I'm making a UI to make it more explicit for other users.

In this script, there is a that provide nearly all materials for passes.
Then there is all sort of script to create your passes.

Tools like MNOO or MNO are creating custom occlusion shaders when you have opacity mapped (i.e. leaves mapped on planes). Select your texture file and run the script.

DL - my scripts

MAYA TIPS --- render animation in the framebuffer ---
 Last week, I've seen a student do it and look at me as an alien when I asked her : how can you do that ?! You don't use batch render ?
Her answer was quiet funny : hum, batch render ? What is it ?

So if you were used to 3ds Max or you want to avoid animation errors while batch, maybe this option was missing to you.
My tip work only with mental ray, you just have to tick this option :

It will render all your animation in the framebuffer (make sure, you have file sequence in the "common tab") and save them in the folder images/tmp from your project.


SCRIPT --- rl_Creator .py --- (version 0.7) ---
The script create render layers in maya for :
    - each light with the prefix : "key_"
    - one for all the light with the prefix : "fill_" ; "rim_" ; "other_"
    - before running, it will rename all your light by lower-casing names (to avoid name such as KEY_ / Key_ / FiLL_...etc)  [v0.6]
    - before running, it will delete all render layers created previously with this script [v0.7]


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