Hi everyone and happy Christmas !

I've been involved recently in simulating cap and cloath for horse riders at Delapost Paris.
This is a trailer for an iPad and iPhone application. It is a gamebook, you can find more about it at

I've created a little script to help me to retime the alembic node in Maya.
Pick the alembic node and run the script, it will create to attributes : an "offset time" and a "remap time". (Alembic seems to make interpolation if you scale time, it is pretty cool :))

--- EDIT ---

It is now in the download section.



initial sketch

research for arm design

With a friend we are working on a project about Cthulhu. It will be a vfx project.
I've done a quick painting research from my friend initial sketch.


My work during Just Fuel

I've recently on this advertisement for Meccano.
I've made mainly : 3d tracking, restore, animation and compositing.


Some music

I wanted to share with you an interresting French singer : Luc Arbogast
I found his music really amazing. If you want to listen more, you can go on grooveshark, myspace.


End of School

Finally, we have finished our graduating short-film.
It was really great to see it on wide screen !
It is available on request but we keep it private as we want to go on festivals.

I post a behind the scene for some FX and the credits.
We shot on stage some liquids, candle flame, dust.


Concepts from my next short-film

These drawings are the concepts where I got involved. There is few more and I will certainly post them later.

Grandma Painting

 I painted both top kitchens.

 I painted the first one

 The dining room (from me)


Short-film --- La Petite Affaire

Five CG artists, about four months of pre-production and six months of production and it is done !
My second year short-film is released : La Petite Affaire.

The short was done with : Maya 2011, Zbrush, Nuke, Vegas, Flash, Photoshop

Have fun with this absurd short !