Funky French Blog

As I'm begining to think everything in Python, a friend send me this French blog called "joys_of_coding();"

 The principle of the blog is to associate a sentence about scripting with an animated gif.
I have translated some for international visitors.

Have fun !

"When I find a solution without browsing google !"

"When the deadline is moving closer dangerously."

"When my partnerannounce me that he's code is working."

"When I modify my code by following a tuto found really, really far in google's results."

"When I think I found a solution" and  "When my compiling fail"

"When I have to explain a piece of code that I have totally coppied"

"When my partner has found a solution to a problem where I have stuck for 2 hours in 30 seconds."

"When my appli crashes when I really don't expect it"

"When I see non-commented code"

 --- EDIT ---

There is now an english version  :

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